The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: Company

The Rules: Spellers and Panch

My Friend, the Dictionary: Olive

Pandemonium: Spellers, Panch, and Mitch

I’m Not That Smart: Leaf

Magic Foot: Barfee, Rona, and Spellers

Pandemonium (Reprise): Company

My Favorite Moment of the Bee (II): Rona

Prayer of the Comfort Counselor: Mitch




Chip’s Lament: Chip

Woe Is Me: Schwartzy, Carl Dad, Dan Dad and Company

Spelling Montage: Spellers

I’m Not That Smart (Reprise): Leaf

I Speak Six Languages: Marcy and Girls

The I Love You Song: Olive and Olive’s Parents

Woe is Me (Reprise): Schwartzy, Barfee, and Olive

My Favorite Moment of the Bee (III): Rona

Second: Olive, Barfee, Panch, and Rona 

Finale: Company

The Last Goodbye: Company