Creative/Technical Director: Leeanne McLim
Director: Andrea Page
Assistant Director: Jane Conrad
Student Student Director:
Sadie T.
Choreographer: Hayley Johanson
Assistant Choreographer: Stacey Kelba
Student Choreographers: Mia K. and Abby W.
Music Directors: Paige Stoffregen and Katherine Meeks
Stage Manager: Thomas Lane
Head of Wardrobe: Charlotte Nixon
Lights/Assistant Stage Manager: Ava T.
Crew Assistant: Craig S.
Crew Tech Booth Assistant: Jason T.
Student Costume Designer: Danielle C.
Head of Wardrobe: Olivia Y.
Sound: Will P. and Andrew S.
Follow Spot: Ellie K.
Student Photographers: Addison H. and Hannah T.
Backstage/Makeup: Harrison G.
Backstage Crew: Hannah K. and Bronwyn K.
Assistant Sound: Emma T.
Costume Running Crew:
Sydney H., Sydney T., Taylor D., and Ivy M.
Scenic & Prop Designer:
Jamie Lafond
Program Design: Jordan Pike and Leeanne McLim
Communications and Marketing: Jordan Pike, Nick Hughes, Jelmer Derksen, and Lindsey Meredith
Tech Theatre 9 Design Team: Gabriella T., Kyra A., Lauren D., Khushi F., Isabel H., Isaac H., Cade L., MacLean L., Stephen P., Sonny T., Percy W., Lauren W., Penelope A., Ivy J., Sam M., Eden M., Aishwarya V., William T., and Sera Y.