I’ve been asked several times over the last few days, what’s your favourite part of the play? And while I know that the people asking that question are looking for a particular moment onstage or who I think is the funniest character, my answer actually has nothing to do with the story. The best part of this play is COMMUNITY.

Since September, this committed group of teachers, students, and parents have been working tirelessly to put together something magical. It has taken more hours than I care to count to get this production from the page to the stage, but those hours feel like seconds when you are surrounded by energetic people driven to reach a common goal.

The teachers wanted to create a space where students can reconnect, meet new people and express themselves. We wanted students to leave the pandemic behind and remember the joy of being a part of something. This play has allowed us to do that. To the kids, it probably represents fun and excitement, a chance to finally have an outlet for all their creativity. To me, it symbolizes a reawakening of spirit and a rekindling of togetherness. Something I feel we might have lost over the last few years.

So, thank you to the students for bringing their zany, goofy, fantastically funny selves to rehearsal every day! Thank you to our parents for every carpool pick-up, running lines again and again on repeat, and for discerning all the important information from the titbits you hear over the dinner table. Thank you to the amazing senior high students that jumped in to lend a hand on this production, you were the role models we needed you to be. Thank you to my amazing teacher partners, Leeanne, Dawn and Sophie, your support, brainstorming and problem-solving skills were absolutely vital to our success.

If you are here in this space: Welcome. This is our community. Thank you for being a part of it. We’ve missed you.