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Show Dates: May 10, 12, 13, 2023

Additional material by STUART SMITH
Original Musical Adaptation by SCOTT COPEMAN
Performed by arrangement with Musical Theatre International on behalf of Josef Weinberger Ltd.

Back to the 80s is presented through special arrangement with Musical Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. www.mtishows.com

Any video/audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

From the era that brought the world the Rubik’s Cube, Max Headroom, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes the “totally awesome” musical Back to the 80s. In the style of movies such as Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and The Karate Kid, Back to the 80s is a nostalgic romp through the greatest hits of the decade.

Creative Director’s Notes

You are about to go on a journey…
A journey back to a time when Michael Jackson and Rick Astley were the Kings of Pop…
A journey back to a time when bubble skirts and blue eyeshadow were cool…
A journey back to a time when the Atari was cutting-edge technology…

Any musical theatre production is a huge undertaking that involves the skills and talents of many people. Back to the 80s is no exception. In fact, just like a good 80s mullet, it is huge in all aspects. Any team is only as strong as its membership. And this year our team is strong—resilient, professional, rockstars. It takes a village to run a theatre. And a family to support a program.

I would like to sincerely thank Calgary Academy for their ongoing support and dedication to the performing arts. You allow us to mold and develop the abundance of talent we are blessed with.

Finally, I would like to thank you, the audience, for coming along and supporting this fantastic production. Without your support, high school theatre would not exist, and this important part of our social and cultural fabric would disappear.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show and don’t worry if you find yourself singing along, as I can guarantee you won’t be the only one! Let’s party like it’s 1989!

Dramatically yours,

Leeanne McLim
Creative/Technical Director

Choreographer and Director’s Notes

It has been an absolute honour to be a part of the creation of Back to the 80s with the Calgary Academy Theatre students and staff. It was a challenging task to bring the nostalgic era of the 80s to life on stage through dance and movement; however, through the collaboration and dedication of all involved, we were able to create routines that will make you want to jump out of your seats and dance along! This year we were fortunate to work closely with our Music Director, Mr. Jason Valleau, which was an amazing experience for our cast to organically build movement and vocals in tandem. The addition of live music during rehearsals helped build a sense of energy and excitement in the rehearsal space, ultimately translating to a more dynamic and engaging performance on stage.

One of the most rewarding parts of working with students on a creative project like choreography is seeing them take risks and grow as artists throughout the process. It takes courage to put oneself out there and experiment with new ideas, and I was impressed by the fearlessness and enthusiasm of the cast. Watching them push beyond their comfort zones and take on challenging choreography was inspiring, and I felt privileged to be a part of their journey.

I could not have taken on this task without my amazing student choreographers. These students volunteered countless hours to support and create for the show. Being able to watch and empower these students through their journey in building their leadership skills and creativity is something I greatly enjoyed. Seeing young dancers take the lead in creating their own routines and sharing their artistic vision with their peers was truly impressive and I was inspired by the innovation and talent that these students possessed. It was a joy to guide them as they developed their skills and even discovered new talents.

Witnessing the blood, sweat, and tears the cast and crew have put into bringing this production to life is truly inspiring, and seeing our labour of love come together on stage is nothing but rewarding. I am extremely proud to have been a part of this experience and appreciate all the learning and growth that has occurred throughout the process. So, brush up on your running man and sing along to all your favourites during this totally tubular program!

Hayley Jonason

Time and Place

Act I

Scene 1
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Kids In America

Scene 2 – William Ocean High School
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
We Built This City

Scene 3 – Outdoors, after school

Scene 4 – School Assembly – Election Day
Michael’s Election Rap
Video Killed The Radio Star

Scene 5 – Corey Jnr’s Bedroom
Believe It Or Not
Believe It Or Not (Scene Change)

Scene 6 – A School Classroom
Morning Train (9 to 5)

Scene 7 – The School Yard – Lunchtime
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
You Give Love A Bad Name

Scene 8 – The School Lockers
You Give Love A Bad Name (Reprise)

Scene 9 – School Assembly
Man In The Mirror

15-Minute Intermission

Act II

Scene 1 – The School Concert
Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Scene 2 – The Party
Love Shack

Scene 3 – The Aftermath
Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Scene 4 – The School

Scene 5 – The School Lockers
Walking On Sunshine

Scene 6 – The Weekend
Get Outta My Dreams (Get Into My Car)

Scene 7 – A Classroom

Scene 8 – The School Lockers
Lost In Your Eyes

Scene 9
Never Gonna Give You Up
Material Girl

Scene 10 – The School Lockers
The Fight Scene
The Fight Scene (Reprise)
The Fight Scene (Scene Change)

Scene 11 – The School Yard
Don’t Worry, Be Happy/Come On Eileen

Scene 12 – The Teacher’s Staffroom

Scene 13 – The Prom – School Gymnasium
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Reprise)
(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life
Back to the 80’s MegaMix!

Cast of Characters

Corey Palmer (Senior): Mackenzie B.
Corey Palmer (Junior): Caleb H.
Alf Bueller: Hayley B.
Kirk Keaton: Ivy M.
Tiffany Houston: Avalin H./Tiegan W.
Cyndi Gibson: Alexandra S.
Mel Easton: Cary S.
Kim Easton: Sydney H.
Michael Feldman: Jack V.N.
Billy Arnold: Jonathan M.
Lionel Astley: Danielle C.
Huey Jackson: Annie S.
Feargal McFerrin: Marissa B.
Eileen Reagan: Sarah T.
Laura Wilde: Jaya M.
Debbie Fox: Jorja W./Lauren D.
Ms. Sheena Brannigan: Levi L.
Mr. Stevie Cocker: Olivia P.
Ensemble Teens and Students of Williams Ocean High: Achileus N., Avalin H., Jorja W., Lauren D., and Tiegan W.

Creative Team and Technical Crew

Creative Director/Technical Director: Leeanne McLim
Acting Directors: Hayley Jonason and Andrew Rigby
Musical Director: Jason Valleau
Choreographer: Hayley Jonason
Assistant Coach/Director: Charlotte Nixon
Set Designer: Jamie Lafond
Production Assistant: Kaitlyn Parks
Stage Manager: Cairine C.
Assistant Stage Manager: Thomas L.
Dance Caption/Student Choreographer: Allison D. and Abigail W.
Costumes: Olivia Y., Kacy O., and Leeanne McLim
Hair and Makeup: Katie A. and Grace N.S.
Props: Sidney M. and Leeanne McLim
Set Painting: Jacob K.
Sound: Will P. and Andrew S.
Follow Spot Operator: Chase T.
Running Crew: Jason T. and Nadine H.
Backstage Managers: Ava T. and Craig S.
Poster Design: Leeanne McLim
Photography: Olivia Y. and Ameya A.
Cast Photographers: Addison H. and Hannah T.
Junior School Crew: Emma T., Lauryn A., Kayley A., Aubrey D., Jodeanna F., Sophia M., and Zenon S.
Band: Darren B., Charlie H., Dale U., Will P., Jason T., Andrew S., and Jason Valleau
Program Design: Kaitlyn Parks and Jordan Pike
Marketing and Promotions: Nick Hughes, Jordan Pike, Jelmer Derksen, and Lindsey Meredith

Cast Shout Out

Calgary Academy Back to the 80s Cast

Special Thanks

Our many helping hands have assisted in so many ways. Although unseen, these people are an integral part of this production and so much more, including:

Calgary Academy’s Leadership Team for their steadfast and ongoing support of the Drama program.

John Lee and his team for keeping our space neat and tidy after each of our late-night shows.

Our front office leading ladies, including Maggie Heintz, Liz Boyd, Josepha Raptis, and Cathy Fleck.

The Communications team for some really fun promotional ideas, including Lindsay Meredith, Nick Hughes, Jelmer Derksen, and Jordan Pike.

The Accounting team for all your support with ticket sales and for always keeping us in check, including Yvette Schuler, Nona Smith, and Annette Moline.

Bob Tolsma and Dafne Miller for all your help organizing the photography students.

Shirley McLim for her donations with some of the beautiful costumes.

Frauke Weber for her help with costume alterations.

Lesley and Gordon Stang for the use of their original boombox for our set.

Patti and Tom O’Brien for set donations.

Allison Delamont and Abigail Wolfing for their additional commitment as dance captains and student choreographers.

The teachers of Calgary Academy for their understanding and flexibility with these tired, overworked, and underpaid actors.

Parents, we know that behind every great kid is an even greater parent. Thank you for your support!

The Cast and Crew of Back to the 80s for their energy and commitment to making this show a success.

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