Patti and Tom O Brien for set and prop piece donations.

Simon Larter for picking up set pieces to props, from taping shoes to shopping for outfits you had no idea what to look for, and staying up late to help piece together last-minute cues!

Jen Hegge for being her fabulous self in helping add the finishing touches to our costumes.

Jason Valleau for jumping in and working with our sound crew! We are so grateful to have you on our team.

To the Auton family for fabulous set and prop donations to the CA theatre.

To the Coutts Family for help with the props.

To Lindsey C. for additional slide design.

Shirley McLim for her help and donations with the costumes.

Kaitlyn Parks for helping to organize our volunteers.

Roberta Rudin for always being our rock. You always find ways to help keep the whole team feeling loved and supported.

Administration for all their special accommodations to help make students feel supported and prepared.

The teachers of Calgary Academy for their understanding and flexibility with these tired, overworked, and underpaid actors,

Parents, we know that behind every great kid is an even greater parent. Thank you for your support!

The Calgary Academy Cast and Crew’s energy and commitment to making this show a success.

Lastly, we would like to give a special thank you to the Doll Family for their generous donation to improve our drama theatre equipment. Their gift has not only benefited The Black Box Theatre, but all students at Calgary Academy advance their technical skills and the arts.