Directors: Andrew Rigby, Charlotte Nixon, Lindsay C., Leeanne McLim
Stage Manager: Kaia W.
Backstage Managers: Amy S., Verin M., Jack B.
Musical and Vocal Directors: Becky Funk and Jane Conrad
Technical Director: Leeanne McLim
Costume Supervisor: Leeanne McLim
Costume Design and original costumes: Shirley McLim
Student Costume Assistants: Olivia Y., Taylor D
Choreographer: Hayley Jonason
Assistant Choreographers: Anne Marie S. and Allison D.
Lighting Designer: Cairine C.
Set/Prop Design: Jamie Lafond, Leeanne McLim
Sound Supervisor: Jason Valleau
Sound Operator/Sound FX: Will P.
Microphones: Andrew S.
Makeup; Amy S., Katie A., Megan F.
Follow Spot Operator: Baraa N., Leeanne McLim
Original Digital Projection Designer: Deanna Parker
Additional Digital Projection Designer: Simon L., Leeanne McLim
Set and Prop Crew: Jonny M., Will P., Verin M., Sadie T., Ivy M., Olivia P.
Running Crew: Leah B., Thomas L.
Slide Operator: Leeanne McLim, Barah
Booth Technical Support: Jason Valleau
Poster Design: Leeanne McLim
Cast Photographer Coordinator: Bob Tolsma
Cast Photographers: Grace S., Paige R., Amy S.
Production and Promo Team: Yvette, Jordan, Patricia

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