These are written from the cast and tech crew to each other other!

To our Technical Team: Thank you for lighting up the stage with all your help. From microphones, to costumes, to backstage managers, to stage management, a show is not a show without the icing on top! And you are not just the icing, you are the cherry too!

Lindsay: We are so proud of you and are amazed at how much you have grown and matured into a spectacular director. No matter where your dreams and talents lead you, we will always be there to support you and cheer you on!

To the cast: Congratulations on another great CA performance. We love watching you perform!

To the cast: Your energy and infectious smiles are a joy on stage to watch.

Anne-Marie and Allison: We are so proud of you and love to watch you dance. Continue to reach for the stars because you are definitely shining stars in our show. Thank you for all the beautiful choreography!

To the Creative Team: Thank you for bringing our stage back to life! We are so lucky at CA to have such an amazing team of talented, and dedicated teachers!

Will P.: You have been at every after-school music rehearsal, and every lunch set building rehearsal. Thank you for your talent and commitment!