Our many helping hands have assisted in so many ways.  Although unseen, these people are an integral part of this production and so much more, including:

Calgary Academy’s Leadership Team for their steadfast and ongoing support of the Drama program. 

John Lee and the Facilities team for keeping our space neat and tidy after each of our late-night shows.

Our Front Office leading ladies, including Maggie Heintz, Liz Boyd, Tilly Martin, and Cathy Fleck. 

The Communications and Marketing team for some really fun promotional ideas, including Lindsey Meredith, Nick Hughes, Jelmer Derksen, Christine Talukdar, and Jordan Pike.

Our Finance team, including Yvette Schuller, Nona Smith, and Annette Moline, for all their support with ticket sales and for always keeping us in check.

Danica McConnell for all her help organizing the photography students. 

Our Art 20/30 students for their help with set painting and props. 

Shirley McLim for her donations of some of the beautiful costumes. 

The teachers of Calgary Academy for their understanding and flexibility with these tired, overworked, and underpaid actors.

Parents, we know that behind every great kid is an even greater parent. Thank you for your support!

The Calgary Academy Cast and Crew’s energy and commitment to making this show a success.