Greetings heroes of CA,

As we gather in this extraordinary space (the Black Box Theatre), let us reflect on the words of our fearless leader, Dr. Experimentist:

“I’m done living up to someone else’s expectations of me. This entire room is full of the unexpected.”

We here at CA are unexpected, aren’t we? Just look at the power we hold. We work hard, play hard, try hard, and as a result, we consistently blow everyone away—it’s our superpower!

Over a few short months, we’ve formed a superhero squad. Our teachers, staff, parents, students, first-time performers, seasoned actors, and tech crew were all on a mission to stage the most sensational show imaginable! Our training regimen has been more intense than any workout montage, but the energy, forged friendships, and shared purpose have made every second feel like a lightning-fast rescue mission.

To our students, thank you for bringing your goofy, energetic, fantastically funny selves to rehearsal every day. You are strongest together!

To our parents, you’ve been the ultimate support squad. Running lines on repeat, decoding the information overload, and executing flawless carpool pick-ups. Your super-parent powers are unmatched!

To our Senior School students who swooped in to lend a hand, we adore you! You were the role models we needed, proving that with great power comes great responsibility.

To the teachers who made all this possible, including Dawn, Sophie, Leeanne, Andrea, and Emilie, you’re the justice league that no villainous challenge can defeat. Your support, brainstorming, and problem-solving skills were our secret weapons.

So, welcome to our superhero headquarters: buckle up, suit up, and expect the unexpected!

Charlotte Nixon