Director/Playwright: Charlotte Nixon
Assistant Directors: Sophie Bresciani and Dawn Matthews-Nicols
Student Director: Kenzie B.
Creative Director/Technical Director/Head Stage Manager: Leeanne McLim
Technical Assistant: Emile H.
Production Assistant: Andrea P.
Set Designer: Jamie Lafond
Lobby Display: Leeanne McLim and Andrea Page
Student Stage Managers: Thomas L. and Will P.
Junior School Assistant Stage Managers: Weston D. and Colin F.
Costumes: Leeanne McLim
Costume Assistant: Olivia Y.
Hair and Makeup: Ava H. and Olivia Y.
Props: Leeanne McLim, Jamie Lafond, and Andrea Page
Set Painting: Jamie Lafond and the Art 20/30 Students
Sound: Emilie H.
Follow Spot Operator: Ava H., Sydney H., and Ivy M.
Backstage Managers: Kenzie B.
Special Stage Effects: Emilie H.
Student Head Usher: Heidi t’H.
Photography Lead: Danica M.
Cast Photographers: Olivia Y., Abby W., and Addison H.
Program Design: Jordan Pike and Leeanne McLim
Graphic Design: Christine Talukdar
Communications and Marketing: Jordan Pike, Nick Hughes, Jelmer Derksen, and Lindsey Meredith